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MainlandTM Sharp Cheddar Cheese

MainlandTM Sharp Cheddar Cheese

7oz. Sharp Cheddar

Product Information

Mainland Sharp Cheddar Cheese is a semi-hard mature cheddar with a rich sharp flavor. It is naturally aged for 12 months to develop its distinct cheddar flavor and smooth texture. Mainland Sharp Cheddar Cheese is a versatile cheese that is ideal for any occasion.

Rich and sharp
Available Sizes:
7oz. bars; Varied weight - sold to retailers in 20kg blocks that are then cut and wrapped to various sizes

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7 oz. Egmont

MainlandTM Egmont Cheese

Unique smooth cheddar-style cheese with a slightly nutty flavour. Perfect for cooking and baking. Egmont has a delicious cheddar flavour with an excellent melt.

7 oz. Vintage Cheddar

MainlandTM Vintage Cheddar Cheese

A mature, full-flavored, slightly crumbly cheese marbled with naturally occurring salt crystals.

7 oz. Organic Cheddar

MainlandTM Organic Cheddar Cheese

Mainland Organic Cheddar Cheese has been naturally aged for up to 6 months to develop a lovely soft smooth texture and subtle flavor.