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About Us

Honoring Timeless Craftmanship

Every Mainland™ product has a secret ingredient – time. Combined with the purest ingredients from New Zealand, it’s what makes our cheese so special.

Mainland Cheese is a product of its environment and Mainland has a natural advantage. With endless grazing pastures of lush sweet green grass year round, New Zealand is known for its long-established dairy heritage and producing high quality dairy products. This, plus a cool temperate climate ideal for the slow natural aging of the finest cheddar cheese, gives Mainland its unique and distinctive flavor.


Mainland Cheese

Mainland cheese is made of milk from free range, grass-fed cows, which have been raised without the use of animal growth hormones.

New Zealand cows enjoy the benefits of a country where grazing outdoors is possible all year round.  A New Zealand cow’s diet is predominantly fresh green grass, but there are times when feed demand exceeds supply and a farmer will need to supplement the cow’s diet to ensure proper nutrition.

At Mainland our Cheese Masters know that you can’t hurry nature; cheese is ready when it’s ready. They take time to make sure that every block is perfectly matured before we bring it to the market. We do the waiting so you don’t have to. Every block of Mainland cheese is ready for you to simply enjoy on its own or to add a perfect twist to your everyday meals.

About Mainland

Since the formation of Mainland in Dunedin in New Zealand’s Deep South in 1955, Mainland has won numerous awards over the years and is highly regarded for its production of fine cheddars and its premium quality product range. The Mainland brand celebrated its 50th birthday in 2005 and continues to add innovation and value to the dairy industry.

Mainland is recognized as the top-selling cheese brand in the New Zealand retail market.